What we do

And before you think this site is pretty bare – it is – it’s being rebuilt as you read.

We develop made to order Filemaker database systems for the film industry, small and medium size companies (SMEs) and Universities in the UK.

Our film industry software is leased for the duration of the production. It manages all crew, cast and supplier details, produces cast and crew lists in the format of your choice, watermarks and emails scripts, prints barcoded badges, and, among many other features, tells you whose birthday is coming up soon. The multiuser system is customised to your requirements in terms of look and feel and can import and export data to/from a wide range of sources. If a feature isn’t already included then we’ll add it for free (so long as it doesn’t take more than a day – then we apply a charge).

Our university work generally concerns administrative functions such as managing and reporting on student work, marks, reports and exam timetabling; staff allocation and reporting and resource allocation.

Our SME work is generalised but we have built specialist traceability systems for the food industry which follow raw ingredients from order to final product, purchase and delivery.



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